Welcome to Sancho Leather Consulting

Sancho Leather Consulting is a team of spanish experts leather technicians with a long experience helping tanneries all around the world. 



We have developed a new process without any salt, reduced float, with cromium tanning. Very good results and quality !



Loosing money in your tannery?

We can advise you how to stop it and get profit. We know how to manage LEATHER BUSINESS, from purchasing to selling, we give you criterium, tools and new ideas to save your business !!!


We can advise tanneries about chemical process,, waste water and chemicals savings, chrome savings , raw material sourcing, area reduction, colour matching, machinery, and final articles .

From raw soaking to finishing, goatskins, hairsheeps, sheepskins, hides, for footwear, garment or handbags leather using. Glazed leather, polished, fur leather, napa, goatskin suede, split suede, etc.


Our service


Do you want to reduce chrome problem saving 95% effluent but still using it?

It' s very easy with our helping. Save huge money. Listen to us !!!!


Do you want TO RE-USE old fashions articles to NEW ONES?


Do you want to increase area? Special chemical for it !!!


Do you need to develope a new factory? Just ask to us !!!


Do you need an auditory of your facilities, labour cost, process and energy? Just ask to us !!! 


Do you need to develope new articles !!! No problem we know how to do it !!!

Experience all around the world


Our team has worked in Europe, China and Pakistan.

Working for private companies or dealing european proyects carried out in undeveloped countries.